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  “A Single Grain Of Rice Is As Great As A Mountain”



Sysec Is A McAfee Platinum
Authorized Professional Services Partner

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Meet The Team

Sysec Cyber Network Security specializes in the field of information security and data communication.
Built on More than 20 years’ field experience through all roles in the Israeli business eco-System.
We provide services to an array of large and important clients in all major sectors of the Israeli market,

We Provide Specialized Consulting and training Services through our daughter company Sysec Webint.

Shay Toashi


“A single grain of rice of a Buddhist is as great as a mountain”- the ability of deeper observation is our most valuable virtue.
Do or do not : there is no try

Eli Shabi


“It’s great when knowledge, technologies, and people’s meets. we use our knowledge and our advanced technologies to fulfill our customer’s needs”.

Avi Barak


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”- service is our first and main goal.


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